Rent a server!

Tekxit 3.14, 3 LE, and 2 on BisectHosting

We are proud to be teamed up with Bisect for our server host!
This allows you to enter code "Tekxit" at checkout for any Bisect server you want to buy and get 25% off your first month!
Using the code also supports the creator of Tekxit and allows us to host things like giveaways on our Discord server!

Their website address is

But "Why Bisect?" is a question you may ask which has a simple answer.
Bisect is one of the few server hosts that I (and my discord staff team) trust to have integrity.
If you have any trouble with Bisect (after contacting them and not getting a solution) please let us know so we can communicate with them directly.

But what if I don't want to use Bisect?

You are free to download the server files from one of the tabs at the top of the page,
if you have hardware capable of hosting a server (16GB of ram or 8GB hosting on a different machine than you are playing on, plus 60-100KB/s upload speed per player) then you will find a readme to guide you through to host one yourself!